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Let the Cohlaborator fly to your rescue.

A Minnesota-based marketing agency, we work Cohlaboratively with your team to create marketing strategies. We want to build your brand and help you rank well in online search results. Our in-house superhuman team develops your marketing campaigns in-house.

From the first draft to ideas and strategies years down the road, you'll deal with a real person in Central Minnesota. No robots - exceptions made for the cybernetically-enhanced among us.

Your Minnesota marketing strategies are based on data and the realities of your company and clients on the ground.

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Marketing Masterminding

Show ‘em How Much Of A Hero You Are.

Reviews & Reputation

90% of people trust an online review as much as their own mother. Use our Cohlab.Reviews system to help your clients leave positive reviews, funnel those reviews to cherry-picked review sites, and publish them all in one place on your website.

Reviews that are a few months old don’t carry nearly as much weight as new reviews, so it’s important to keep them rolling in. Our system allows your clients to leave you a review through an opt-in email or text message system.

Cohlab.Reviews encourages publicly posting positive reviews, while negative reviews are encouraged to send you an email instead, reducing the amount of negative reviews on the internet.

Let New Clients Find You In Google Search.

Website Optimization

Sleek design and a nice paint job won't turn a car into a Formula 1 racer. Just as Formula 1 has a series of specs which need to be followed - Google, Bing, and other search engines have certain best practices they like websites to follow to make their work easier. Speed, accessibility, best practices, security, and more play directly into how your website appears in search engines

If your website wasn't built with these things in mind, you'll need a heroic effort to get your site up to speed. Let us help you dash forward with website optimization.

Great Writing Builds A Reputation And Drives The Journey.

Content Marketing

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is large. It's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. - Mark Twain

Content shouldn't be created just for content's sake. Thoughtful, clear, engaging content on your website, social media, or blog gives your audience what they need to interact with your company.

Google, the ever-watching-eye, also crawls your website for updates to your content, tracking how people respond to your site before and after the updates to rank your site in their search engine. Testing how people react to your website copywriting and making adjustments is half the battle for search engine optimization.

Make Your Hideout Public. Get Found On The Map & In Search

Google My Business

Do you have control of your map pin on Google Maps? When you type in your business name, do you control the Google My Business section which highlights your business? It takes time and effort to set up your Google My Business page, just like any other directory listing or social media profile.

Via Google My Business, set your correct hours of operation and holidays, ensure your name, address, and phone exactly match what's on your website and other directories, post photos, direct people to the correct parts of your website, and more. If you don't claim it, Google will gather whatever information it can find and build an incomplete profile, which can lead clients astray.

A True Hero Is More Than Just The Symbol On Their Chest

Business Branding

Logos, stationary, postcards, leotards with powerful symbols on them. These are all essential to any branding campaign. But, more important is making sure your brand is tied to the values of your company and employees.

The Cohlaborator and her team can create a branding guide for your company, outlining the voice you use in your content, how to space out and color your logo, the feel of your website design and social media channels, and provide specific colors for future use with printers and other designers.

Building your brand is about bringing together all of the technical and artistic pieces into a coherent theme. That's where we come in.

Don’t Be A Villain. Get Permission. Own Your List.

Outbound Email

Building your email list with interested clients is one of the most important things you can do, whether you’re selling coffee to them once-a-day, or selling heavy equipment to them once-a-decade. Once they agree to give you their email, they’re much more likely to make a purchase from you in the future. Don’t waste the opportunity or their interest.

The Cohlaborator can help you navigate an email marketing system like MailChimp to build your list and engage them.

Social Is A Tool. Wield It As Necessary.

Social Media

Facebook has more than two billion active users. Twitter has more than 100 million active users. LinkedIn has more than 200 million active users. By maintaining a presence on social media, you control your own hero’s tale. Advertise to these users to quickly grow your list of potential clients. Through social media, both organically and through advertising, your brand can be exposed to exponentially more people.

The Cohlaborator can help you build your advertising campaigns, optimize your business page, and bring in potential clients. We can advertise specifically to people who have similar interests, follow similar brands, or by zip code and are most likely to be interested in your business.

Once you have them, the goal is to drive them to your website or newsletter to be able to have more control over what marketing they see and how you interact with them.

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Marketing Cohlaboration Process

Fact Finding

Phase 1

The first phase is getting to know your company, your clients, your marketing needs, and your goals. We audit your current website and marketing campaigns to figure out what’s going well and what isn’t.


Phase 2

A well-put-together, SMART plan is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. We’ll establish a realistic and effective marketing strategy involving any or all of our key competencies, based on your goals and clients.


Phase 3

We put our plan into action, using the strategy to inform our marketing, implementing everything in-house to control quality. This cuts back on wasted time, and allows us flexibility.

Constant Assessment


After launch, we provide you with regular reviews and updates to ensure the strategy is working or if it needs adjustment, as well as to allow for shifts in business position or seasonal changes.

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      Marketing Case Studies

      Absolutely Postively K9 Training Homepage

      Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient is a veteran-owned dog training company based in Jacksonville, NC with boarding options, private sessions, 14-day and 20-day programs and more.


      Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient is the first business owned by veteran Austin Franklin. He previously had his site designed by The Lovely Co., but was dissatisfied with the results of their design and content. He came to us wanting to beef up his internet marketing presence and boost his brand both locally and nationally.

      Austin is great at getting photos and videos of his training in action, which helps in this visual medium. At nearly 1,500 miles, it wasn’t very convenient for us to meet in person, so everything was handled digitally.

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